My background is in Human Resources, Recruiting and Business Development.  In 2013, my mom started her own HR consulting and recruiting business called Premier HR Solutions.  Earlier this year, I joined Premier HR Solutions full-time and am now in training to take over ownership in the next few years.

My experience in web development is very limited.  Before this year, I worked part-time for Premier developing content for the Premier HR Solutions website and blog.  Our website was developed and managed by someone we hired, and then I was taught how to post blogs and add media.  I have worked briefly with our web developer to create content needed to drive traffic to our website, as well as create content for pages to determine who our customers are and what services they are interested in.

Our Premier HR Solutions website is a WordPress website and during this course, I am interested in learning more about using WordPress, plugins and other tools so that I can take a larger part in updating our site on my own.  As I mentioned, I work with a web developer who develops pages, but I would like to know more about how to make changes to these pages if necessary.  I would also like to learn about databases and action buttons that can be used to generate leads or record more information about our viewers and visitors.